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Ines words when she put on her Juliette Dress for the first time say it all: “Oh! I look so cute!”

I haven’t sewn dresses for my girls for quite some time. I used to make lots of nice dresses and they would always end lost at the bottom of my daughters’ closed, not worn at all. They are quite sporty girls and we live in the country side so dresses are not that convenient for our lifestyle…  

But I couldn’t resist saying yes to Suz when she asked me if I would like to join her blog tour and sew a Juliette for my kids. Especially because my friend Rita told me she loved the pattern… I am so glad I am back to sewing nice dresses!
PATTERN: Juliette Dress and Top by Sew Pony (a collaboration with Kneesocks and Goldilocks) I’ve sewn almost all patterns by Sew Pony and I must say this might be my favorite. Such a cute and simple design. Perfect! The pattern as many options: it can be a top or a dress, it can be sleeveless, sort sleeved or have a ¾ sleeve and, besides the ruffle collar I choose, there is a cute faux placket that can be made with or without the collar. Plus, by joining Sew Pony FB page, you can get a free peter pan collar. Oh, and the pattern comes with inseam pockets. That’s a lot, right?!
So… what about Ines dress? Well, I made the ruffle collar sleeveless dress version and made almost no changes do the original pattern. I really like the fit as it is a little bit loose on her body so it allows her to move freely and gives plenty of room to grow. I loved the way the armholes are finished! Definitely facings are my favorite way to finish armholes as they look so sharp and clean.

What did I change from the original pattern? Because I was working with printed fabric and didn’t feel like having a seam in the middle of the back I made my back panel in only one piece. I used a facing for the back opening and then… Disaster! I only read the instructions after finishing the back opening! Why, oh why, do I never read the instructions properly?! The ruffle is supposed to be sewn to the back opening and my back opening was already finished… Unpicking it would be tricky so I left the ruffle free instead. I think it doesn’t look bad this way but it looks nicer on the original pattern for sure.
I must admit I have made another little change to the original pattern, purely out of laziness! Instead of hemming the ruffle, I lined it with a bit of very thin white cotton fabric. It was much easier to sew and, because my fabric wasn’t too heavy, I think it looks nice too.
FABRIC: Flaming printed Linen from my local shop (Feira dos Tecidos). Can you believe this fabric actually comes from Zara Kids collection? In Portugal we are lucky to have many clothes and fabric factories and sometimes we have access to some wonderful leftover fabric. I got this fabric long, long time ago and made a couple of dresses for my girls. Unfortunately they don’t fit anymore… Luckily I still had enough fabric to make this Juliette as I think linen has the perfect drape for the ruffle collar. The back button was also bought long time ago in a wonderful local store that sells vintage sewing supplies (Retrosaria Fantasia) and I think it has a really nice design for this pattern.

So I guess I am back to sewing dresses… I am glad I took some time off but I am truly happy to be back!

So, the JulietteTop and Dress is for sale on Sew Pony store and, until June 2, there is a 10% discount (valid for all Sew Pony patterns) with the code DRESSEDINSEWPONY. So get it while you can!

And, when you finish sewing all your gorgeous Sew Pony creations, get a change to win some wonderful prices by taking part of the contest Dresses in Sew Pony.
Last but not least, don’t forget to check all blogs taking part of this tour. You will be amazed and inspired by all the wonderful Juliette  Tops and Dresses that Suz talented friends have sewn.

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  1. This is sooooo pretty Marta!! I am glad that we tempted you back to sewing a dress!! I hope Ines will get lots of wear out of it!! How cool to have designer fabric!! You ran into the same problem as Emi with the back!! Read her post:) Oh and I love the button too!!! Thank you Marta!!

  2. I love your fabric choice!! And, I'm a little jealous of your access to those left over fabrics!

  3. Oh this is such a pretty dress! I love how cheerful and summery the fabric is. Looks like you and I were thinking (or not?) along the same lines for the back! Heh heh. Someday we'll learn, right? ;) I love your button, too!

  4. She does look very cute in her new dress :) Such beautiful print, perfect for summer! I think linking the ruffle worked beautifully!