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How doesn’t like to sew and wear garments made of the nicest quality organic cotton? We love it!

So, last month, we were really existed to receive a package full of wonderful organic cotton by the finish brand Nosh. The girls were allowed to pick a couple of fabrics and I picked some for myself too. And, when the package arrived I started sewing…

I’ve already used almost all the fabric we got, and believe me, we are a much better dressed family now! ;-) Slowly, we will find the time and the mood for the photo shoots so I can share with you all the garments I made. Here is the first one!


PATTERN: Raglan Tee (138) from Burda Style Magazine 3/2014. This spring I saw a sweater from Zara I really loved (it looks like it is no longer available, sorry!) and though I could make one for my kids by hacking a simple raglan sweater pattern. Burda Magazine had the perfect pattern but it needed a couple of changes to be exactly what I envisioned… So, what did I change from the original pattern? Well, I’ve cut the back panel halfway through the sleeve line to create a yoke so I could play with the two different fabrics. Also at the back panel, I made the hem not straight but slightly curved for a high-low look. Because I was using two different fabrics, I also created size vents as I thought the hem would look better this way. Finally, I screen printed (not that successfully, I must add…) the front panel. My kids are super happy with the final result! Actually, this sweater was made for Ines but Teresa picked it first and didn’t want to give it to her sister. That’s why it is a tiny little bit small on her, as you can see from the photos…


FABRIC: Loopback Sweatshirting in Maple Sugar (main fabric), Tahiti Gauze in Maple Sugar-Black (back panel fabric) and Rib in Black (neckband), all from Nosh. One thing I always loved about the Nosh catalogue was the possibility of having different fabrics in the same color or color combination. It is absolutely wonderful to find rib in the exact same tone as, for example, a sweatshirt knit or tee shirt jersey, right? So I thought I was in even when I saw gauze that would match french terry! This french terry (or loopback sweatshirting) is beautiful and super soft. Plus it is 240cm wide! The color is not uniform – it has a touch of white - and that gives it a special look. I think I need the striped version too… It is gorgeous! The gauze is quite a fun fabric, not as soft as Japanese double gauze, but still nice and cool to work with. The rib – THE RIB! – I remember hearing my friend Annika talk about how wonderful Nosh rib was and, believe me, she couldn’t be more right! I never liked to work with rib but this one… Loved it! I think I need it in every single color!

Many things went wrong when I was sewing this sweatshirt... (see photo above)

Can you tell the neckband is a little bit “not that good looking”? Well, one of the serger’s needle threads got tangled while sewing it… Can you tell the “You are my star” stencil is too close to the hem? (Even my 7 year old daughter Ines pointed that to me!) And the stencil is actually far from sharp? Oh well… At least Teresa loved it and is willing to wear it. Many, many times I’ve sewn “the” perfect garment and it stayed in their closet all season…

The fabric I used in this post was given to me by Nosh Organics, but all the opinions are my own.



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  1. I really love it! The pink and black look stunning together. It's such a lovely shade of pink!