sábado, 31 de março de 2018


We are definitely ready for warmer sunnier summer days! Where are you Summer?!
We had so many rainy cold days this winter… I hope sewing summer nice clothes will bring nicer weather.
So let’s start with the right foot by sewing my favorite girl’s summer pattern in a super cool new print from my also favorite organic cotton fabric brand.

FABRIC: Tyrsky Jersey in Light Blue/Vanilla and Solid Black Rib by Nosh Organic. I am always super exited when Nosh releases its new prints. They always have something nice for me and something cool for the kids. This spring/summer is no exception! The wave print is perfect for our summertime since we live across the street from the beach and we spent lots of fun times there. This print comes in several colors but Teresa picked the light blue one – my favorite one too – so I ordered it to make her something nice for the summer.  Choosing the right rib was not easy as I had in my stash both solid black and stripped black/vanilla rib. I would have picked the striped as I think it would had a fun detail to the dress but Teresa asked me to keep it simple so, as I really wanted her to like and wear her new summer dress, I went for the solid black. As usual, it was a pleasure to sew with Nosh knit. It has the perfect stretch and recovery and it is easy to sew. Plus I know the dress will look exactly the same at the end of the summer, after having been worn and washed to exhaustion.

PATTERN: Racerback Dress by Hey June. This is my “to go” summer pattern. It is easy to sew, even easier to wear, I love it and my kids love it too. The only down side: size 8 is the biggest size… Thankfully Teresa – how is already 10 - is quite skinny and size 8 still fits her pretty nicely. I made no changes to the original pattern but I added a couple of centimeters at the hem as I wanted this dress to last as much as possible. This pattern is perfect for the Nosh’s bold wave print and, though it is still a simple racerback dress, the small detail with the back contrasting yoke and the gatherings makes it super special.

So all we need now is the sun to shine and the temperatures to rise so Teresa can wear her new summer dress!
Thank you Hey June for such a wonderful free pattern! Can we please have this pattern in bigger sizes? Maybe even a teen or women’s pattern?
Thank you Nosh for such nice fabrics! I think you are spoiling me and the kids and it will be hard to sew and wear other knits after having tried Nosh!

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