sexta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2017


It’s already mid-February and I finally manage to write my first blogpost of the year… I have actually been sewing quite a lot but haven’t been much into taking photos. Even my IG seems to be asleep… I feel bad about it but sometimes, especially during winter time, I can’t help myself and I feel so lazy! And then I feel bad for feeling lazy…
So want a better way to change that than blog about a pattern I am in love with?

PATTERN: Miss Marlene by Fritzi & Schnittreif (English version available atNah-Connection). I love boat neck-tees. I think they are as comfortable as regular tees but they look a lot fancier. Plus I feel like they really flattering for my body type… So when my friend Annika told me she would soon be releasing the English version of the German pattern Miss Marlene I immediately told her I would be delighted to sew it.  And I am so glad I did it! I am in love with my new boat-neck tee! It is simply perfect! The fit is spot on, the boat-neck collar looks super nice, the sleeves are long enough for my extra-long arms (though I am only 1.63cm tall, it looks like I have super long arms and almost every single long sleeve garments is too short for me!), the overall length is perfect. I am in love! (Can I say it again?) And, of course I think the little shoulder piece is perfect the perfect detail to play with…

FABRIC: Black/white striped cotton/elastane jersey from The Sweet Mercerie and camel faux suede from my local shop (Park dos Tecidos). This striped jersey has the perfect weight, stretch and drape for this pattern. Because of the wide boat neck, it feels to me it is better to use a fabric with a little bit more weight to keep the collar in place but then, because the tee is quite fitted, there is a need for some stretch and recovery. So this striped fabric had it all! Though I now think they actually look pretty nice, at the beginning I was a little bit afraid about the horizontal stripes (we all know they are supposed to make you look fatter, right?) But what I love the most about my Marlene are the shoulder pieces! I have been waiting for long time to use leather or suede on my clothes and this was the perfect opportunity. I guess I just need to cut my hair short so it doesn’t hide the shoulder details all the time.

Do you feel like sewing a Miss Marlene for you too? Well, you can get the English version of the pattern at Naeh-Connection store for a nice price until Monday. Happy Sewing!

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  1. I have seen lots of these popping up. This is something I am sure I would wear a lot! Plus I love stripes!

  2. This looks so awesome on you!! I love it! ❤️❤️❤️