domingo, 9 de outubro de 2016


It’s the last day (check out the first two here and here) of the Nah-Connection Shop Opening Tour! And I am back with a mother and daughter look. I’ve been willing to do this since I’ve started sewing but, somehow, I never seemed to find the right pattern. Well, it looks like I did now…
PATTERN: Bethioua for Women and Bethioua for Kids by Elle Plus for Nah-Connection. Though this is the last pattern from Nah-Connection Shop I am blogging about, it was the first one I choose to sew. It is such a simple but special design! Plus it is super comfortable to wear and versatile to play with fabric… Perfect of everyday clothing both for me and for my kids. I do like the fitting of both tees but next time, if I am sewing with lightweight jersey, I think I will go a size down on mine. I found both patterns quite long (both sleeve and over-all length) but maybe that’s because they were design for tall German women and children while Ines and me are petit Portuguese girls. Anyway, I am sure these two tees are just the tip of the iceberg of my Bethioua sewing carrier…

FABRIC: Pretty Panda sweatshirt fleece from Poppy and solid black sweatshirt fleece from my local shop (Park dos Tecidos) for Ines’ sweat shirt. Solid black cotton knit from The Cloth House and striped cotton from my local shop (Feira dos Tecidos) for my t-shirt. Though I love Ines sweatshirt – how cool is that panda fabric we got from one of our lovely London Sew Social sponsors? – I had to try the striped sleeves version… Matching the stripes might not be super easy, but it is such a cool detail. Love it! By the way, because I wanted the stripes to be perfectly aligned, I didn’t cut my fabric on fold. Instead I used the first sleeve to cut the second one and be sure all stripes were in place. Then, when sewing, I machine basted the back seam before sewing it one my serger. It takes a little bit longer but it is worse it.

(Ines has so much energy she some times so hard to photograph... Well, at least she is not camera shy as I am...)
Well, that’s it for this week! I hope you enjoyed my Nah-Connection creations…
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4 comentários:

  1. Love the mama-daughter look :) The tops have such nice lines. I want to make it also but don't have the fabrics that would go nicely together hehe I am glad this patter is designed for tall girls :D

  2. Oh, that last pic of Ines! Who cares whether it's perfect picture quality. All the emotions shine through and you captured her personality. Wonderful!

  3. I like big time! I'm a huge fan of stripes these days, so this one is right up my alley. Love it.

  4. Love how the stripes come together in the back.