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It is day two of London Sew Social / Tuttle Publishing blog tour. Today I am sharing a pair of short I made this summer with a pattern from one of my favorite japonese sewing books and the super talented Ines has a cool blouse from the same book on her blog, La Folie

When the original Japanese version of She Wears the Pants was released I felt in love with it but never got to buy a copy as I was afraid it would be too difficult for me to sew something without fully understating the patterns instructions.

So has soon as I saw the English version, published by Tuttle Publishing, I hurried to get it. Throughout last year I made View nº04 (Top with Epaulettes) and View nº10 (Pompom Blouse) but the pattern I was really looking forward to sew was…
PATTERN: View nº08 (Sarrouel Trousers) from She wears the Pants. Though I was not sure about the fitting of these Sarrouel Trousers, I found them so stylish and special I had to give them a try. I am still not sure if this is the most flattering pair of shorts I got but I am sure they are fun and different and so, so comfortable to wear. Anyway, I do love the way they fit at the front. I’m just not really sure about the diaper look at the back… I made no major changes to the original pattern but I did skip the belt loops (sometimes I can be so lazy!) and changed the button loop for a regular buttonhole as the loop was not giving the stability I wanted at the waistband. 
FABRIC: Striped pink linen from my local shop (Ouro Texteis). I got this linen on a summer sale a couple of years ago and was planning to make a dress with it. Last month I was going through my stash, took a good look at it again and thought it was to girly and pinky for a dress but perfect for these slightly crazy shorts. I am glad I made that decision! I think this linen has the perfect drape for this pattern and I do love the way the stripes are oriented in different ways in the different pattern pieces.
(I don't care about what people might think. :-) I love my Sarrouel Trousers!)
Feel free to check out yesterday posts (Eva’s Japanese tropical blouse and my basic linen dress and geometrical wrap) and don’t forget to come back on the fallowing days for more. I am sure you will be super inspired!

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