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Hoje trago de volta a casa o vestido que fiz para a série Take One Dress organizada pela Victoria do blog As It Seams.
A ideia da série é super original: todos os meses uma bloger apresenta uma criação inspirada numa roupa escolhida pela bloger do mês anterior e, ao mesmo tempo, escolhe algo inspirador para a bloger do mês seguinte.
Espero que gostem da tunica que fiz para a Inês!

Today I am bringing back home the dress I made for the great series Take One Dress hosted by the lovely Victoria, the blogger behind As It Seams.
This series' idea is super original: every month a blogger presents a creation inspired by a garment chosen by the previous contributor and, at the same time, picks a nice outfit to inspire next month's participant.
I hope you like the tunic I made for Ines!

Last month Natalie, the girl being La Gang a Nat, not only made this lovely outfit for her little girl but also choose a superb vintage dress to be an inspiration for my creation.
Natalie’s dress had lots and lots of details I could use, but I decided to pick my favorites: color combination (pink/blue), big box pleats and contrasting zipper.

I’ve started by drafting my ideas on my sketch book (I knew from the start I wanted to use a lace zipper) but then a package from my friend Constanca arrived with these great vintage patterns she bought in New Zealand… One of them was just the right one for my outfit! Lucky me!

And I also already had the right fabric to make my Take One Dress outfit: a blue and white polka dot fabric from my grandmother’s stash. But this was not any polka dot fabric. Actually I had two pieces of fabric: one with “condensed” dots and another one with fewer dots per square meter. But the two of them together looked great.
As the fabric wasn’t enough to make a dress I decide to sew a tunic instead and match it with a pair of basic pink corduroy shorts (using the same self drafted pattern I've used for this denim shorts). I have to say I am in love with this outfit! It has just the right amount of vintage felling but it is also super comfortable! And now I fell like adding lace zippers to all my clothing!

Unfortunately Ines was not in the mood for a photo shot. These photos were taken under my bed sheets as this was the only way I could make her have fun while I was trying to take photos of her new clothes…


Well, choosing a dress to inspire Jenya, the great Russian/Australian blogger from While She Was Sleeping, was a lot harder than I thought. Especially because Victoria and Natalie had made such a great job choosing the previous dresses…
So I e-mailed Victoria asking her to give me some directions and she told me it could be anything! In her own words: “I don't mind what the next garment is, just as long as you think it's inspiring, it can be something you own, but I did also think it could be a historic outfit or film costume or anything really!”.
A film costume would be great, I thought. But a TV series costume would be nice too… I immediately though about Mad Men! Besides liking a lot this series, I love the vintage but modern filling of the costumes. So her it is! This is a dress for Miss Holloway (in a great illustration by Stanley Chow) but, Jenya, fell free to check out other Mad Men costumes and be inspired by them.

Já podem ver aqui o vestido que a Jenya fez para a sua filha.
Entretanto eu não resisti a fazer algo inspirado por este vestido da Miss Holloway... E, se tudo correr bem, amanhã estará aqui no blog.

You can check out here the gorgeous dress Jenya made for her daughter.
And you know what? I couldn't help myself and also made a Mad Men inspired outfit for Teresa. The dress is finished and I hope I can blog about it tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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