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Hi everyone!  I am so happy to be sharing my creation with all No Big Dill readers’! Thank you for stopping by and thank you Katie for this opportunity!

When Katy invited me to be part of Sew All 26 series I immediately knew which letters of the alphabet I wanted to pick: “T” or “I”. You know why? Because these are the first letters on my daughters’ names: Teresa and Ines.
But I could only pick one… So I picked “T” and made:
 …Tunic and…
 …Trousers for…

I usually draft my own patterns but this time I’ve decided to use two patterns from my beloved Japanese sewing books. The tunic is from Sew Chic Kids . Happy Homemade (view “N”) and the trousers are from Carefree Clothes for Girls.
I haven’t changed almost anything in those patterns (most of the times I can’t help myself and I always add or change a detail on the original pattern) so sewing everything together was incredibly fast and I end up really please with the result.

Teresa is on her first year of elementary school so I thought it would be fun if she would write down all “T” words on pieces of paper to show us during the photo shoot. It turned out to be a really fun photo shoot as she was having a great time choosing which card she wanted to show us.

At the end she even grabbed my camera and made some photos of the cards…
(photo: Teresa Piedade)

Well, I have to admit, the tunic is not really a tunic but a shirt and its color is more aqua then turquoise and the trousers are actually sweet pants with legwarmers attached… But those are just minor details, aren’t they? The most important thing about this outfit is that Teresa loves it! I hope you like it too…
PS.1. I don't knit so I asked my mother to make the legwarmers. Thank you mum!
PS.2. I’ve actually also sewn an “I” inspired outfit for Ines as I thought she should not be left behind. I’ve shared it on “I” sew along pool last November and you can check it out here.

9 comentários:

  1. I love this outfit Marta. And it's very special that you asked Teresa to write out the words... she looks so proud!


  2. Thank you Natalie!
    Teresa love the idea of writing all T words on red cards. It was a little bit strange to write them in English as we speak Portuguese... But I think I was more worried about that then she was!

  3. Oh goodness she is darling! I love your outfit too!!

    1. Thank you Michelle!
      Teresa is really easy to photograph (when she feels like it, of course...)

  4. Marta, the outfits is just darling :) That tunic - super. Well done Teresa for writing :)

    1. Teresa is so excited to be able to write and read!
      And she loved this tunic too.

  5. Cute outfit! I love the tunic with just enough details. I did not realize the color was aqua until you mentioned it :) Love the photos!

    1. The good thing about Japanese patterns is that they have just enough details, isn't it?
      Thank you!

  6. I've been wanting to sew that shirt pattern as well! Really love seeing yours!