sexta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2014


É sexta feira e por isso hoje tenho mail um post da série Mailbox Surprise para partilhar.
Conheci o blog da Rachel, Stitched Together, quando estava a organizar a série com a Marte e fiquei imediatamente fã das roupas que faz para os seus filhos. São simples, práticas mas divertidas.
Aqui fica o vestido que a Rachel fez para a sua filha adoptiva Tarikua.

Today I have a great friend visiting DoGuincho!
I didn't know Stitched Together before Mailbox Surprise but, as Marte told me to check out Rachel's blog, I got immediately hooked. I love her simple but special creations, her photos and they way she speaks about her life in Texas with her fun family.
Today Rachel is sharing with us a lovely dress she made for her daughter Tarikua.

I'm Rachel from Stitched Together.   I'm so happy to be here today with my creation for the Mailbox Surprise Series.  I feel like I won the fabric lottery having An from StraightGrain as my 'sender'.  She sent me three yards of gorgeous and unique Belgian fabrics.  I can't wait to make something in each of them!

mailbox surprise

I decided to start with the fabric with the turquoise dots, which I felt paired well with the Geranium dress pattern.


An sent me bias binding in one of my very favorite colors - mustard.  I ironed it flat and then turned it into piping by inserting some cording and sewing it closed.

I finished it with some simple white buttons on the back.

geranium back

And there you have it - one geranium dress in Belgian fabric with mustard piping!


Thanks so much for having me, Marta and Marte.  And thank you, An, for the gorgeous fabric. Anytime my Tarikua wears this dress, I will undoubtedly think of you!

geranium dress

8 comentários:

  1. The piping on the sleeves is a great touch! And the second last smile is contagious. Great fabrics!

  2. I loved the piping. Mustard has been one of my most loved colours lately =D

    1. I love mustard too. And it looks great with the blue dotted fabric, doesn't it?

  3. That mustard piping make this dress so ... looking for a better word... happy! Love it :)

  4. So nice, Rachel!! The pop of mustard piping looks perfect paired with the main fabric!! And, yes, would have thought I had won the lottery too....getting fabric from An.... Terrific work - I can't wait to see how you use the other fabrics in upcoming outfits....

  5. Such nice fabrics, and what a lovely dress. I love all all the photos, she is so so pretty!