terça-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2013


Hoje trago de volta a casa os pijamas que fiz para a série The 12 Days of Christmas, organizada pela Suz e pela Laura. Desculpem o post estar escrito apenas em Inglês mas a asáfama da época natalícia não deu tempo para mais...

Today the pajamas I made for the great series The 12 Days of Christmas hosted by two lovely ladies Suz and Laura are back home. Hope you like it!

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! My name is Marta, I blog at DoGuincho and I live in Cascais – a seaside village near Lisbon – with my husband and our two daughters.
I am thrilled to be part of this great Christmas series! Thank you so much for inviting me, Rachel and Suz. What a great idea this is!
For me, this time of the year is all about having my family together! My mother had 7 sisters and brothers and my father 5, so we are a big family. Some of us are not living in Portugal so this is the perfect occasion to see all my cousins and their families.
Since we have dinner at my grandmother’ on Christmas Eve and my daughters always come home (very late in the evening) already wearing their sleepwear, I decided to make them pajamas!

(Ines and Teresa with just out of bed hairstyles!)
Though I am not a great fan of Christmas prints, I found this lovely fabric (Holiday Frost by Jan Shade Beach for Henry Glass & Co.) at my favorite local sewing supplies store and bought it even before knowing what I was going to sew… Then I matched it with a polka dot “everyday” fabric and added some details made of bright green ribbon and vintage buttons for a real Christmas look.
As I wanted a tuxedo like shape on the blouse neckline, I had to draft myself the pattern for these pajamas. I absolutely love the look as it is clean and simple but has some wonderful Christmas details. Teresa and Ines were already having fun with the fabric stars I added at the end of the blouse ties during the photo session…

I think my daughters were really please with the result too. But they were a lot more excited about our advent calendar (it will be hanged on our living room wall as soon as I find a way of doing it…) with all its little presents and treats!


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  1. Gosto tanto destes pijamas!
    Ficam lindos na Inês e na Teresa - Boas Festas para todos!!