quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2016


My friend buddy, Sara, just had a baby and I am delighted to be part of her Virtual Web Baby Shower! It is the perfect excuse to sew something tiny... Oh! How I love sewing baby clothes!

PATTERN: Meow Meow Sweater from Ottobre Magazine 1/2105. I don't own any baby PDF patterns (as my kids were already toddlers when I started sewing) and I wanted to try something different from my "to go baby shower gift" so I browsed through my collection of Ottobre Magazines and found this sweater that looked pretty cool. I can't give you my opinion about the fitting - Ottobre never disappoints when it comes to fitting, right? - but I did enjoy sewing it. Super simple and fast project!
I made a couple of changes to the original pattern, though... Since I think pull-over clothes are not very baby friendly, I added a back closer with some plastic snaps. As Ottobre patterns don't have seam allowances that was a really easy modification to do. Beacause I was sewing with "boring" solid navy blue fabric and thought a little colorful detail was needed, I sewed a cloud appliqué at the front.


FABRIC: Navy Blue Sweatshirt Fleace from my local shop (Feira dos Tecidos) and Cloud Printed Cotton from Stof2000. Sometimes I get lucky and find little gems on my local fabric shop. This was one of those! This sweatshirt fleece is incredibly soft and warm. I just hope it is not too thick for baby wear... But, since Sara lives in the north of Portugal, where the temperatures get quite chilly in the wintertime, I think her baby boy will enjoy some warm and cozy clothes. The appliqué fabric was bought long time ago on a trip to Copenhagen. I felt in love with the print but, as usual, left it in my fabric statsh for too long as I didn't feel like cutting my precious fabric... I am glad I had the perfect excuse to do it now!

Teresa is wearing a matchy-machy navy blue sweatshirt with the same appliqué I made for her last year. The pattern is Simple Plain Sweatshirt also from Ottobre 6/2016. The sweatshirt fleace was, once again, found on my local fabric shop but it is not as soft as the one I used for Sara's baby sweater and the appliqué fabric came from Petit Pan in Paris.

Here is a list of the baby shower participants. Fallow the links for some serious baby sewing inspiration!

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Congratulations Sara!

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  1. Aw, I love this! What an amazing surprise!

  2. OMG Teresa is so funny hahaha The jumper you made is perfect - so soft, and cute, and baby friendly! Oh my daughter screams every time I have to pull something over her head...

  3. Adorable Marta, and even more so with the button placket.

  4. A abertura atrás foi uma excelente ideia, Marta. Ficou super giro!

  5. So cute! And I love the appliqué thing you did, never tried that...

  6. That's a lovely little present! I like the applique you did :)