terça-feira, 14 de julho de 2015


Today I am really happy to be part of the Dear Prudence Pattern Tour! Dear Prudence is the latest pattern designed by my good friend Suz and, like all other Sew Pony patterns, it is absolutely gorgeous!
PATTERN: Dear Prudence by Sew Pony.  Are you into unique and special designs with a touch of vintage style and some cool technics that might challenge you just a bit? Then this is a pattern for you! The ultra-complete instructions will guide you through out the all process and you might learn a couple of things while sewing your Dear Prudence.
What have I learned? I am happy to tell you that this pattern made me face an old fear of mine: shrinking shirring! It was actually my first time shrinking shirring with elastic thread and, though my shrinking shirring is far from perfect yet, I think it is quite acceptable for a beginner... I hope I can master this technic really fast as I love it and want to use it more often. (Thank you Suz for helping me  distinguish shrinking from shirring!)

For Teresa’s dress, I chose the cap sleeve option and I have only changed three things to the original design: 1. Instead of 9cm of shrinking lines, I have sewn only about 5cm because, as I told you before, I was afraid of shrinking! 2. I’ve hemmed the dress with piping because somehow I messed with the dress length and didn’t have enough fabric to make a regular double folded hem… 3. I added a belt. I don’t really know why I did it (because I do like the dress the way it is) but it just felt right! Maybe it was because I was using a solid color fabric. Anyway, I think the belt looks nice and Teresa and she likes it too.
Teresa was the one picking the hat for this photo shoot. She is starting to like to take photos! Should I be happy about it or not?... I really don't know if I am happy about it...
FABRIC: White cotton from a bed sheet I bought long ago at Zara Home. This is a super soft fabric with some nice little wrinkles (I’m afraid you can´t see them on the pictures…). Nothing special but Teresa wanted a white dress so I had to make her a white dress. As I was afraid the white cotton might be slightly see-through, my Dear Prudence is fully lined with some white voile from my local shop too. All notions were found on my very big notions stash (don’t you love when that happens?!): both piping and buttons are vintage and the belt buckle was bought on my trip to Copenhagen at Hadler Tekstiler, a great haberdashery in the city center.  

I hope you liked my Dear Prudence! Now please check all other gorgeous dresses from the pattern tour and, if you feel inspired to make one – as I am sure you will!-, don’t forget to use the code PRUDENCE15 to get 15% discount on your pattern.

And for more inspiration check out my Paris Sew Social post. There you will find a quite free approach to this pattern…

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  1. Thank you Marta! Your dress is fabulous! shrinking=shirring

    1. You are welcome Suz! And thank you for pointing out my shrinking/shirring mistake! It is correct now!

  2. How beautiful! I love how blue and yellow pop against white. The belt is just so perfect on this dress!

  3. I've never tried shirring and it scares me a bit also, but your's looks great. The dress is beautiful, she's ready to go to an afternoon summer party!

  4. It's so beautiful!
    I love the navy piping and the yellow accents (and the glamorous hat, obviously!)

  5. Muito giro! O fit parece impecável na Teresa. Grande ideia a do cinto! Love it!

  6. The dress is brilliant! i think your shirring is perfection! also the belt is a perfect complement

  7. I love this dress! So beautiful. It helps that it's in Ukrainian colors too:) (I know Sweden thinks it's their colors, but whatever, LOL)

  8. I love this dress sooooo much....like A LOT!!!! And the hat your daughter choose is simply perfect!!! Wow!! I want this dress myself....hat inclusive ;-)

  9. I really like your alterations - what a clever way to save the length! A high five from a piping lover here :)

  10. I like the simplicity look you made with this pattern. The dress is so darling and I agree with you about the belt, it looks stunning. Make me feel want to have this dress in my size! :)

  11. A introdução do cinto resultou muito bem. O vestido ficou giríssimo e a Teresa está cheia de estilo com o chapéu (muito bem escolhido, sim senhor!).